“The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” Part I

18 Feb

 It was almost four years ago, when I first learned of the plans to merge the United States of America, Mexico and Canada into on harmonious region. I was shocked to realize that, then president George W. Bush would even consider such an idea. That was until I began to read and understand who would benefit. US citizens would gain absolutely nothing from this insidious treasonous planning. But in fact the successful implementation sole purpose would serve the corporate interests that have seized control of all facets of government in the United States. 

The Three Amigos

    While citizens of the US are distracted with nonsense the very republic that millions have sacrificed everything for, is being decimated by those charged with the responsibility too protect and maintain the integrity of the very same republic. This work is continuing in spite of some objection and the planning has never been presented to the governing bodies that should have complete knowledge of such activity. When the subject is brought up, those that are concerned enough to do so, are castigated as “nuts” “conspiracy freaks” or just plain “looney”. These descriptions belie the truth of the matter and only serve to ostracize the individuals that attempt to bring the facts to the surface. 


   It is refreshing to note that in spite of the campaign to discredit and otherwise hide the truth from the citizenry, there are many, undaunted by such attacks that continue to sound the alarm and warn against this devious attack on the US Constitution and the population. 


It is with the utmost gratitude to Lou Dobbs that had the courage to bring  this story to my attention, and whom also paid the price for his consistent coverage of the story. I will not attempt to illustrate in this thread all of the facts of this corporate coup. Listed below are links that will help in your edification of the coming winds of  change. I only ask that you take the time and research for your self and then decide, based on what you’re able to glean from the available information. 

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  1. Amir Raheem

    February 26, 2010 at 9:47 AM

    And the beat goes on….


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