Justice for all or….just us!!!

09 Mar

Bob Keller

It would seem in a great society the organization of said society cannot move forward without a prescribed set of rules

 or law.  In contemporary times it is no less necessary or in some cases mandatory that law must be adhered too. Since the dawn of human beings, the creatures that have proven to be most adaptable on this planet, in fact have built in preordained flaws. An antithetical thought process was ingrained in humans at the onset, hence the need

for rules or laws.  In the year 2010, some would suggest that the United States, has perhaps reached a societal apex, but that thinking merely belies reality. For decades citizens have evolved into career politicians, with the presumption of “serving the people” or “running the Government” as some constituents in government would call it. An over abundance of these “leaders” tends to develop a political campaign based on law and order,

or returning to; bringing back; increasing law or just plain old make your city safe from the bad guy. The law-breaker, the person(s) the law was written for.

Demonstrators 02-27-2010

The United States is facing a philosophical dilemma, as it pertains to illegal immigration in the present conundrum. There are forces that want this situation to remain with no enforcement, of  national sovereignty. There a forces that want hemispherical harmonization for the sole and express purpose of creating a “one

world government”, or “a new world order”. To gain control of a society more often than not, the first assault is on the mind-set of the citizen, this is necessary to minimize the use of force. The current pretext is that legal citizens/residents of the United States are mandated to obey all laws and by doing so you being a

good “citizen”. And there are many in government that want to choose which laws should be enforced. This form of lawless behavior on the part of those who are elected to serve, are positioned to disrupt and destabilize the very society of which they are sworn to serve and protect. Based on their actions or lack thereof, perhaps will be the open gate to the ultimate demise of a

Santa Clarita 02.27.09 PPS

law-abiding society. If more elected politicians find they are unable to broach the notion that adherence to law is critical, they shall be responsible for the sense of injustice the legal citizens/residents are subject to feel. That feeling of injustice can only lead to discontent, based on unchanged human nature; the very element of discontent is the breeding ground of resistance. Many see this as a struggle for the soul of this nation, the elements of the foundation are being left un-checked. And the basic rule of law…the US constitution and its guarantee of liberty and equality under the law are being eroded by elected servants of the law. Thus positioning the “people”, legal citizens/residents etween the proverbial “rock and a hard place”. Being positioned in such a way, human nature debases itself into making a few simple choices, the least of which is fight or flight. Unfortunately most Americans have, nowhere to flee, as the United States is their “ancestral” home. So the legal citizen’s/resident’s options

have been reduced by one. If a different direction is not taken… allowing a mind-set that; suggest it is okay to break this law without punishment…but every other law must be enforced is a simple prescription for the death of a nation. There are currently resolutions being sponsored in Washington designed

to deal directly with the debacle better know as immigration law that was rewritten in 1986. Of which the basic intent of that legislation is currently being violated. Therein the injustice is perpetrated against the legal citizens/residents. With current legislation in committee, the American public is becoming more and more disenchanted with elected officials. Time will perhaps be the determining

 factor in what is being characterized as a “bloodless coup” or simply subjecting the people to an unresponsive, over reaching government control.  

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