Demise of the United States of America… Mexico 15,000 Deaths Since 2008

15 Mar
Bobby Salcedo

It was the first day of 2010 when it was reported that Bobby Salcedo 33 was found murdered in a ravine near Gomez Palacio. He was executed with gunshots to the head and chest. While visiting his family in Mexico, he and six other men were abducted from a party by armed men. The violence that took the life of this popular educator from El Monte, California initially appeared to random violence. As it

would happen the murder of Salcedo was just one of many that have involved U.S. citizens in recent years. Since 2008 the death toll in Mexico has soared to approximately 15,000. Incredible as it seems numbers of this magnitude are normally associated with a war zone. The U.S. news sources, and top law enforcement agencies attribute

the violence to gang turf disputes. There are several drug cartels in Mexico. And it seems very convenient and perhaps an over simplification to suggest the horrendous blood shed is driven merely by territorialism. On March 14 of this year two American citizens, one employed the U.S.

consulate were murdered in front of their 1 year old child, who survived the attack. Shell casings from an assault weapon were recovered from the scene in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. The American couple, identified by Mexican authorities only as a woman about 25 years old and a man around 30, were found dead inside a white

Toyota RAV4 with Texas license plates, according to the Chihuahua state attorney general’s office. The couple was the obvious target. As reported by Juarez Mayor Jose Reyes Ferritz, “we know that the U.S. citizens were  targeted,” “we know they were chasing them”. “We know they wanted to kill them”. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

said “They underscore the imperative of our continued commitment to work closely with the Government of (Mexican) President (Felipe) Calderón to cripple the influence of trafficking organizations at work in Mexico.” As a result of the increased violence the families of employees at U.S. consulates in Tijuana, Nogales, Ciudad Juarez, Nuevo Laredo, Monterrey and

Matamoros, are allowed to leave for a period of 30 days (voluntary evacuation) according to a State Department spokesman. A travel warning has been issued for parts of the states of Durango, Coahuila and Chihuahua, where Juarez is located, because of recent violent attacks. U.S. government

employees, including all U.S. military personal are restricted from traveling to all or parts of these three states. According to the Mayor of Juarez “Some recent confrontations between Mexican authorities and drug cartel members have resembled small-unit combat, with cartels employing automatic weapons and grenades,” the warning

says. “During some of these incidents, U.S. citizens have been trapped and temporarily prevented from leaving the area.” At least 283 people have been killed in Juarez since the start of the year, according to local reports. Kidnapping has also escalated along the U.S. border with Mexico. The FBI now refuses to estimate the

Death in Mexico

numbers of Americans being kidnapped or murdered in Mexico. Earlier reports were out dated and officials believe the real numbers are much greater. Of the 30 Americans reported kidnapped, their abductions were in the San Diego area alone. How many other U.S. citizens are there? No one

seems to know for sure. But there are others more from border cities like El Paso. If the violence in Mexico isn’t enough, prepare yourself for the fact that terrorist are currently increasing their presence in South America. Paraguay, considered the most corrupt and lawless country in South America has seen a major influx of Arabic-speaking Europeans. They for the

most part have clustered in communities and established strong business ties, and used their economic strength to bribe local authorities. In spite of the best efforts of local officials they are less capable of dealing with the ticking time bomb that has established itself in Paraguay, than Mexican authorities at dealing with the Mexican time bomb. At this stage the growing

danger is that of militant Islam penetrating Mexico, a country with an increasing Muslim community, including Muslim converts. Some of them have ties to the Mexican community and to illegal immigrants smugglers operating in American states bordering Mexico, especially those with connections in the greater Los Angeles area and other major cities. The U.S.

Mexican border is recognized by terror experts as perhaps the weakest most vulnerable area to U.S. security from terrorism. To add one more item to your plate, from the buffet of madness, Los Zetas Mexico’s private army.

Death Has No Rest In Mexico

The following is from Strategic Studies Institute; Zeta is credited with the capability to sooner or later take control of the Gulf Cartel and expand operations into the territories of other cartels–and further challenge the sovereignty of the

Mexican state. This cautionary tale of significant criminal-military challenge to effective sovereignty and traditional Mexican values takes us to the problem of response. The power to deal effectively with these kinds of threats is not hard military fire power or even more benign police power. Rather, an adequate response requires a “whole-of government” approach

that can apply the full human and physical resources of a nation and its international partners to achieve the individual and collective security and well-being that leads to societal peace and justice. This kind of conflict uses not only coercive military force, but also co-option and coercive political and psychological persuasion. Combatants tend to be interspersed among

ordinary people and have no permanent locations and no identity to differentiate them clearly from the rest of a given population.There is no secluded battlefield far away from population centers upon which armies can engage–armed engagements may take place anywhere. This type of conflict is not intended to destroy an enemy military force, but to capture

the imaginations of people and the will of their leaders. Ultimately, the intent is to neutralize or control government and its traditional security forces so as to attain the level of freedom of movement and action that allows the achievement of desired enrichment. Now I suppose the question is where does that leave the average U.S. citizen? Considering, the insane

notion regarding the North American Union, “open border advocates”, and a president following in the shoes of his predecessor, seeking political support through yet another amnesty, combined with lax border security…it would seem the United States will soon realize it’s demise.


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