What In The World Has Happened To America Part 1

08 Jul
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Through the pod cast Weekly edition I will attempt to broach some of the mid boggling confusion that has gripped our very existence. It is a foregone conclusion, that our so called leaders are focused on themselves and have forsaken the populace in favor of their egotistical self preservation. Every man woman and child without knowing it, are at risk, and there is no “Superman” to save the nation from the evil villains. Who are

International Monetary Fund

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these people, that appear in the guise of benevolence, with names such as “The World Health Organization,“The International Monetary Fund“, or perhaps “The United Nations”. All of these names belie the true intent of the organizations they represent. So I shall try through a combination of pod cast illustrate some of

this nefarious behavior. Starting with “What In The World Has Happened To America”. This the first installment or part 1, and I encourage each of you to not simply take my word for what I see as the demise of the U.S.A. I would hope that you also will do some homework and share your findings with all of us. Trying to understand just what is happening in the United States of

America is a kin to that which is inexplicable. It seems everything that was assumed to be constant, is now fluid and in a state of flux. With out explanation the very economic system by which we live has been turned upside down and at best snatched from under the feet of the American people. It is now apparent there is a direct assault on not just

U.S. currency but the same could hold true for monetary systems on a global scale. In spite of over whelming evidence, most people seem unable to grasp all that has transpired, one might consider that it may be more of an unwillingness to accept the reality of the malevolent nature of the Desiring only for things to be as they were in “the good old days”. I for one recognize that things will never be the same. The G20 recently met in Canada and needless to say part of the agenda included the discussion of a “global currency” citing the instability of the

U.S. dollar as the impetus for establishing a global currency. Should their plans for economic world domination reach fruition the very notion of liberty or independence shall be pushed into the back drop of history forever. Just as the “great depression” there are many that see the current economic down turn of today, as a conspiracy just as before. The master manipulators once again have created a problem…which of course only the globalist have the

solution…a single global currency, which leads in only one direction…a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. There are several facts that I plan on sharing with you, via the pod cast. If the things I say conflict with what you know to be true, post it in the comment section, so we all may be edified. If you listened to the broadcast, you know that I am covering fifty facts that I feel are pertinent to this argument. The next episode will pick with fact #42 as I count down to number one. I hope you shall

engage me, more importantly I would hope you will share the discussion with someone. Our only strength is to spread the word, person to person. You will find some links that may help in your personal education, and be sure to share with those closest to you all that you learn. You can no longer rely on the mass media, to inform you or convey the truth.


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Posted by on July 8, 2010 in News and Views


One response to “What In The World Has Happened To America Part 1

  1. rltjs

    September 22, 2010 at 12:33 PM

    You provided me things to ponder.

    But I am keenly interested in what you mentioned ‘single global currency’. I think I need update on that. On the matter, I think one currency will be fair and good for everybody.

    Currencies, like the stock market, can be manipulated and have been manipulated by the strong. This puts the weak at the disadvantaged.

    Thus, is one of the reasons why the formation of the EEC followed by the creation of the Euro to protect them from the Dollar. In Asia there is the ASEAN with some ideas of a common ASEAN currency that seems cant take-off.

    One currency for all the world I bet would simplify a lot of things. Not today, not overnight, maybe tomorrow.


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