Blatant Propaganda

18 Aug

“Ron Paul” 2012 vs. Media Censorship

Incredible is all I can think to say. The conquest of the United States of America is all but complete. The basic principle, the tenet, the ideology, the opinion, the theory, the philosophy, the thinking of free speech was denied a U.S. Citizen. Perhaps I should preface it… legal U.S. Citizen, that is a very,

large, part of all that is taking place;  several days have gone by and the media black-out of presidential candidate Ron Paul is so deliberately obvious, it speaks volumes to reliance, trust, dependence and ultimate enslavement.

The “secret police” (CIA,DOJ,FBI,NSA,FEMA,SENATORS,CONGRESS PERSONS,CFR,NBC,CBS,FOX,CNN,MSNBC,) pick your acronym, pick one, anyone you want I’m certain; you can think of your own. Along with 90% if not all national news media perpetrated a complete and unabridged, black-out of Ron Paul.

Which begs the question…why such effort to silence one citizen? Could it be his physique? No I don’t think that’s it, he in fact is a man in his seventies. Does he have special super power? After asking over and over silly and redundant questions similar to the previous, they evolved to the humble

question, why such a totalitarian effort for one presidential candidate. Meet the Press, Face the Nation, and Fox News all used the same language while recapping the Iowa straw poll with nearly hypnotic precision the term “top tier”. While excluding a single mention of Ron Paul.

The pompously smug faces of the commentators could not hide the deception in their words. Supposedly independent news agencies all used identical language, coupled with the identical purposeful exclusion of the mention of Ron Paul. In all their audacity, deceptiveness, and fraudulence

each, shares responsibility for the of conquest of the United States of America, considering their position of authority. As experts, men and women with knowledge and expertise, being told what to say by a “covert entity”, Those that know…KNOW. To his credit Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show was able to capture the condescending hypocrisy “you can hold the Ron Paul stuff HAHAHA”. The sixties were pivotal in U.S. history as the powers that be realized the masses had become to intelligent and the

process of de-education had to be hastened. By the beginning of the seventies the chaos driven dumbing down process was entrenched in school districts from coast to coast. The first effort included cessation of basic civics, after all if you don’t know how the game is played, how will you know, when

you’ve been cheated! Hence dependence on the expert commentators that dictate what the “authoritarian power” wants you to believe. Within two decades and two succeeding generations, by the early eighties had NO operational knowledge of government nor did it exist on the high school level as part of

a graduation requirement. Replacing civics; was twenty four television programing. A plethora of mindless programs directed at those that have the most to lose as a result of their ignorance. Each succeeding decade and generation is taught less and less, so that by the year 2011 scho0l districts

across the nation are nothing more than “de-education” factories where the goal is to give the illusion of education…diplomas without knowledge. 47 percent of adults in Detroit, Michigan — 200,000 total – are “functionally illiterate”. This was no accident, merely an experiment with what was better

known as social engineering. 47% of the adults in Detroit are now and will be social dependents (slaves without chains) for many years to come. Georgia has a different approach with similar results. Why would a nation allow its education process to fail, except to control those most affected by the lack of education.

While urban centers are being de-educated, during that same time the blue collar middle class was being sold out by the government. Everything that was once manufactured in America was sent to another country. When the realization that “middle-class” is an illusion, just a layoff away from

eviction; the awakening is rude. Allowing cities to burden the weight of illegal immigration without enforcement of federal law again creates the element of inequality. The legal citizen is responsible for obeying, federal law…or else go to jail.  While allowing millions to disregard federal law only

creates social chaos which of course is the intent. With the people in complete disarray closing the net is expedited in great ease. It is easy to envision by 2031 ultimate domination or ultimate slavery however you elect to view it, there will only be two forces at work…the haves and the have-

nots. And history has shown the haves maintain a reputation of keeping have-nots in a state of “divide and conquer”. Ron Paul has been very consistent with his message, could that be the genesis of the black-out. Is it the truth that has the “secret police” censoring this unimposing presidential

candidate? Is he pointing to the markers that are advancing the totalitarian state? Perhaps it makes no difference, in thirty years I will be ninety and Ron Paul will have come and gone. I write this for my grand-children the youngest of which will be thirty four years old in 2041. I want her to have

some idea of what happened and how it got that way. Irrespective of how you feel about Ron Paul, you have to consider the campaign being waged against him is the abolition of our collective freedoms.


This poor man was beat to death by the Fullerton Police!!!!!!

Black-out II No mention of Kelly Thomas    

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