The Killing of Kelly Thomas

The Killing of Kelly Thomas

It was late in the evening of July 15 2011, a typical summer day in a southern California suburb. An unassuming frail homeless man was hanging out at the inter-model transportation station in the city of Fullerton. By all accounts this man was known to numerous people that frequented the area and was remembered as

harmless, and for all intent and purpose a docile individual. Kelly Thomas suffered from a level of mental illness but was in no way a dangerous criminal or a menace to society, according to those that knew him well. As it turns out he had no police record, but in fact comes from a family of law enforcement officers. According to the Fullerton police department a call was received that evening, reporting someone was attempting to break into cars in the parking lot. Witnesses stated Kelly Thomas was not bothering anyone, just hanging out when he was confronted by two Fullerton police officers. It is not clear why, but then officers decided they were going to take Mr. Thomas into custody. Kelly Thomas inexplicably began to run, a very short foot pursuit began. He was quickly apprehended by one officer that put Mr. Thomas in a choke hold while the other officer had him by one arm. He was taken to the ground, a struggle ensued. Shortly there-after several police arrived. There were now a total of Fullerton police officers participating in the arrest of this one individual. Witness described how Kelly Thomas was ruthlessly beaten by these officers. He was continually electrocuted by standard issue tasers, which produce 5,000 volts of electricity. Witness could hear Kelly screaming for his father while the combined 


weight of six police officers was exerted on the non-combative Thomas. To the witness on the scene that evening, the blows delivered to his limp, motionless body by one officer were delivered with rage and the intent to disfigure, as they were delivered to the face and head, with the butt end of the officers taser. As the officers were beating this man into submission, they could be heard by witnesses repeatedly telling the victim to “stop resisting”. The witnesses were confused by these commands because Mr. Thomas was lying face down during this entire event. Kelly Thomas never saw July 6 he died on the streets of Fullerton, California, not at the hands of Black street gangs, MS-13, or the Ku Klux Klan. It wasn’t an extreme faction of some terrorist group or some demented serial killer. No these were very highly paid men, supposedly in service to protect the community from the, afore mentioned groups. How and why did this happen? This type of event is not so uncommon in the Black or Brown communities. Kelly Thomas is White, so the presumption of race being a factor should be ruled out. Perhaps it is because he was homeless, and maybe there is hostility directed toward the poor and disenfranchised American citizens. The CATO Institute has been studying many of the police raids that have gone wrong, or perhaps it’s the para-military stance law enforcement has developed in recent years. The city of Lancaster, California is under fire for the use of LA. County Sherriff’s officers to raid section 8 housing residents. The local newspaper has splashed front page pictures of local law enforcement; guns drawn going into the homes of these people without any clear violation of any crime. Or maybe because the inhabitants are minority and poor, for the sake of argument let us presume a violent crime has been committed; dose law enforcement have the mindset that everyone in the home is guilty of a crime, including the innocent children? And if that argument is sustained is that the justification for killing someone that has not presented a clear and present danger. That is why Kelly Thomas died July 5 I assume each of those officers will claim he was afraid for his life. For those that are being affected by this type of para-military policing, the question must be asked, what has happened to the presumption of innocence. You know….the constitutional issue, or is the Constitution just an old meaningless piece of paper?

My finale questions…inregards to the death of Kelly Thomas…where are the civil rights-champions, the NAACP, The Southern Poverty Law Center, ACLU, brother Jessie, brother Al, the political left (never expected the right to bat an eye), the silence from the left slanting news media is deafening. And more importantly where is WHITE America? It is expected Whites will feel little sympathy for a Blackman driving drunk, leading police on a chase through suburban streets (Rodney King), but now we have a young Whiteman being beat to death at the hands of law enforcement and not a whimper, except for those in the community where he lived….INCREDIBLE! Weas a society will get exactly what we deserve. A very famous man once said “injustice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere”. I suppose those words are hallow and have been lost to the sands of time. As the United States gravitates down the spiraling path of authoritarianism, you should be asking yourself, how long will it just be the mentally ill, minorities and poor whites, how long beforeit includes YOU??? What is allowed to happen to the least of us, will soon encompass all of us, history continually tells, the same story, see you in the concentration center!???! 


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